Integrated Hybrid Amplifier LC-01 and LC-01W

Listen & Co. LC-01 is a hybrid amplifier which combines the muscularity of the solid state with the refinement of the tubes, able to give a fast, deep, and coherent sound.

The pre-section uses an SRPP circuit where Shuguang 12AU7 and 12AT7 tubes are mounted. The output stage delivers 80W in Class AB. An output protection system ensures maximum safety for the speakers.

The transformer is made using silicon steel sheets and OFC high strength enamelled wire imported from Japan. High-quality condensers, such as MPK (Philips MPK), are used in the circuit. An ALPS potentiometer is used for maximum precision in listening volume variation.

The LC-01W model, is enriched by Bluetooth system that allows connection to wireless sources. LC-01, the hybrid amplifier that can satisfy even the most demanding user.

LC-01 is not only sound

Modularity of the dimensions, the sinuosity of the frontal, enriched by large luminous vu meters, the quality of the aluminum details, make the LC-01 an appreciable object because the sound quality but also because charm of its exclusive design.

Technical data

Max RMS output power: 80W ×2 (8Ω)

SNR: ≥90dB

Frequency response: 10Hz-80KHz-1dB

Distortion: ≤1.0%(1KHz)

Input sensibility: ≤250mV

Power: ≤260W

Bluetooth System (only for type LC-01W)

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