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LISTEN & Co. was founded and created Ming Da Italia ( ) in co-operation with the Ming Da brand for exclusive distribution of Tube Amplifiers, Preamplifiers and Power Amplifiers in Italy, and is still being distributing in Italy.


LISTEN & Co. has been working on improving the image of the Ming Da brand through professional communication with the most important players in the market. Company has also contributed to making some improvements and peculiarities to Ming brand products Exclusively for Italian market.


The LISTEN & Co. project continued and landed in Silicon Valley of China: SHENZHEN. From there, LISTEN & Co. has been able to monitor closely the productive aspect and continued distribution in Italy through commercial network developed.


After years of stable stay in China, LISTEN & Co. has decided to start Hi-Fi market with own brand and begun to work for creation of the first model: LC-01, a Hybrid Amplifier designed in Italy.


LISTEN & Co. is officially in the market