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Integrated hybrid amplifier

Listen & Co. LC-01 is a hybrid amplifier which combines the muscularity of the solid state with the refinement of the tubes,able to give a fast, deep, and coherent sound.

The pre-section uses an SRPP circuit where 12AU7 and 12AT7 tubes are mounted. .

The output stage delivers 80W in Class AB. An output protection system ensures maximum safety for the speakers.

LC-01, the hybrid amplifier that can satisfy even the most demanding user.

The transformer is made using silicon steel sheets and OFC high strength enamelled wire imported from Japan.

High-quality condensers, such as MPK (Philips MPK), are used in the circuit. An ALPS potentiometer is used for maximum precision in listening volume variation.

LC-01 is not only sound

Modularity of the dimensions, the sinuosity of the frontal, enriched by large luminous vu meters, the quality of the aluminum details, make the LC-01 an appreciable object because the sound quality but also because charm of its exclusive design.



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