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Tubes Integrated / Power amplifier

Modularity of the dimensions, the sinuosity of the frontal, enriched by large luminous vu meters, the quality of the aluminum details,

make the LC-IPA60 an appreciable object because the sound quality but also because charm of its exclusive design.

LC IPA60 is an integrated tube amplifier with power amplifier functionality.

It works with KT88 and 6550 valves which foresees its use both in triode and ultra-linear mode. It can also be used as a standalone power amp.

Clean and detailed sound with an excellent holographic rendering of the music scene; a “musical instrument” for those who are not satisfied with just listening to their playlists.

The 3 transformers are made of silicon steel sheets and high-strength OFC enamelled wire imported from Japan.

In the pre section there are ECC82 / 12AU7 and ECC83 / 12AX7 tubes.



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